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Australia’s premium house sitting service established in 1997 that takes the stress out of choosing the right minder for your pets, home and garden. Just see what our owners and minders have to say.


How it works

HouseMinders matches suitable minders to care for your home and pets next time you’re away.

See how it works for house owners and house minders

Where we service

In most cases we can provide a selection of minders all over Australia; find your area.

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Our pricing

See our pricing to register as a house owner.

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Why choose HouseMinders?

4 ways how HouseMinders is different;

Experience. Each of our owners and minders have their own personal assistant to assist with every step of the process. We talk to and deal with all of our members from start to finish and we have tips and ideas that only real experience can give you.

Security. No point putting all your details in a public domain and only find unsuitable and unreliable candidates. Before we present any minder we speak to both the owners and minders to ensure a good match occurs. No second guess work, no calls from strangers who aren’t suitable and no needless disclosure of your personal information.

Personalisation to your needs. We keep records of all our minders house sits and the feedback from our owners. Our matching process ensures you only speak to those who are compatible with each other, almost like a dating agency.

Pets. We know most of our owners are pet people so we recruit minders with pet experience as a high priority.


About HouseMinders

About HouseMinders

HouseMinders was established in 1997 to fill the home, security, pet and garden care needs of people travelling.

While burglar alarms, boarding kennels and casual gardeners went some way toward meeting these needs, mostly, homeowners and residents were being denied the best service of all a responsible, live-in minder to care for their homes and pets while they were away.

The HouseMinders service has changed all this by matching the needs of homeowners and houseminders.

Houseminding on Channel 9's Money for Jam

Houseminding was recently featured on Channel 9's Money for Jam. Helen and Craig are just two of our minders who have used our service and the owners of the respective house sits were happy with the way they looked after their house, garden and pets.

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